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ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, June 12, 2015: - All the action this weekend is heading to the western side of the island with two major parish carnival launches carded for Sunday 14 June. As the Spicemas season continues to build, the first launch will be held in St. Mark on Sunday 14 June starting at 4pm at Heroes Square, Diamond Street and the second launch will take place in St. John at 5pm on Sunday as well, in front of the Gouyave Nutmeg Pool. Both launches signal the start of several activities to come as Spicemas unveils a number of events across the island that will generate the carnival atmosphere leading up to Spicemas 2015.

Carnival City is carded to start this coming Thursday at the Public Workers Union Car Park. The event is being hosted in collaboration with Waggy T Rental and Sound Company. The Carnival City event is known for its showcasing of Soca and Calypso artistes with their renditions for the current year.

According to Spicemas, the parish launches are of significant importance to the carnival product as a result of the number of bands, especially the traditional bands that are based within the parishes. For 2015 the corporation is planning to have bands from all the parishes as part of the Tuesday parade that takes place in the capital St. George’s.

The following is the planned schedule for the remaining parish launches:
•       St. David -21st June 3pm-Malmount Resource centre
•       St. Patrick - 28th June 6pm -Sauteurs Bus Terminal
•       St. Andrew -5th July 3pm -Grenville Car park

The Spicemas Corporation looks forward to the support of all parishioners to the events and extends a general invitation to the public to the launches for Spicemas 201.

The theme for 2015: Spicemas Deeply Rooted in Our Ancestral Traditions: It’s Majestic, It’s Authentic, It’s Splendour,  it’s We Mas, Fancy Mas.



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