It's Carnival/Calypso season once again in Dominica! Go2Fete has teamed up with ComeSeeTv

on 01/15/2014 - 07:15 pm
It's Carnival/Calypso season once again in Dominica! Go2Fete has teamed up with ComeSeeTv International to present the Calypso and other shows there! The Dominica Calypso Monarch 2014 Shows will all be streamed live here (  The Stardom Calypso Tent opens on 01/15/14 and the Showdown Mas Camp Calypso Tent on 01/17/14. Both tents will be streamed live on the regional ComeSeeTv Network. So every Wednesday night look out for The Stardom Calypso Tent live from the Sisserou Hotel here ( and every Friday night watch Showdown Mas Camp live from the Harlem Plaza here ( 

To access a special discount, use the following PROMO CODE when signing up: G2FETE

To get info on the events being carried live by ComeSeeTv visit here:
And remember, if you wish to advertise during the live streams, contact us here: or call 1767 4405337 / 3151110. Spread the word!


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