C&W Communications Provides Update In The Wake of Hurricane Irma

on 09/14/2017 - 06:37 pm


C&W Communications Provides Update In The Wake of Hurricane Irma


Reconnecting the Caribbean and Communities



MIAMI, FL (September 12th, 2017) – In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which left a trail of destruction across the Caribbean and parts of the United States, C&W Communications, operator of the retail brand Flow in the Caribbean, today provided an update on the impact to its people, markets, and operations.  As the largest full service communications operator in the region, C&W saw impacts across the region including in the islands of Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Turks & Caicos Islands, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.   US-based employees in Florida were also affected by the storm.


“Clearly Irma was an historic event, and we have suffered some damage to both fixed and mobile networks in our markets that bore the full force of the storm,” John Reid, C&W’s CEO said.  “First and foremost, our initial assessment indicates that our people are fully accounted for in the affected countries.  Our networks proved very resilient during the passage of the storm, and at times we were the only network operating in some of the impacted territories. I’m pleased to report that our mobile network in Antigua and Anguilla are back up to pre-Irma usage levels. There was, however, significant impact to our systems and services in Antigua and Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks & Caicos Islands.


C&W’s attention is now wholly focused on rapidly restoring services to impacted customers across the region. Teams across the region are working around the clock to return services to normal. The Company has also established a Restoration Hub in Antigua, where technicians from across the C&W Group – Jamaica, Barbados, and Panama – as well as its parent Company Liberty Global will be dedicated to getting islands back online. The company also extended free credit across affected markets, enabling pre-pay mobile customers to get in contact with loved ones on their island or abroad without worrying about charges. The free credits allow customers to use SMS, social media or make calls. For customers on contracted or post-pay services (e.g. home broadband, telephone & TV and post-pay mobile) C&W announced that it will not disconnect services in affected areas until further notice to ease the burden on our customers during this difficult time. In addition, offices in affected markets are opening their doors to allow customers to charge their devices and access Wi-Fi services free of charge.


“If nothing else, the challenging events of this past week have only served to demonstrate the amazing spirit within C&W. Our mission is ‘Connecting Communities…Transforming Lives’, and the past seven days have seen us live this to the fullest. I would like to make special mention of our team members in the Caribbean and the U.S. who have been working night and day throughout this traumatic event to ensure continuity of our business.  In the Caribbean especially, our amazing people came out in full force, despite personal loss and stayed late into the night to ensure customers could utilize our services to stay in touch with their loved ones. These selfless actions positively impacted thousands of others and provided a sense of calm and comfort during this difficult time. I have never been prouder to be part of this great company.”


Reid concluded, “C&W has operated in the Caribbean for over a century, and we are deeply intertwined with the communities that we are proud to serve. We are totally focused on helping these communities, and our customers, get back to normal, and are dedicating ourselves to ensure that we can make the biggest contribution possible to that end. We are working with local governments and agencies to get supplies and expertise into affected markets, and we will make further announcements in due course as to how we will be further helping our communities.”




About C&W Communications

C&W is a full service communications and entertainment provider and delivers market-leading video, broadband, telephony and mobile services to consumers in 18 countries. Through its business division, C&W provides data center hosting, domestic and international managed network services, and customized IT service solutions, utilizing cloud technology to serve business and government customers.


C&W also operates a state-of-the-art submarine fiber network – the most extensive in the region.


Learn more at www.cwc.com, or follow C&W on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.


About Liberty Global

Liberty Global is the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, with operations in more than 30 countries across Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Liberty Global invests in the infrastructure that empowers its customers to make the most of the digital revolution. Liberty Global’s scale and commitment to innovation enables it to develop market-leading products delivered through next-generation networks that connect its 25 million customers who subscribe to 51 million television, broadband internet and telephony services. Liberty Global also serves over 10 million mobile subscribers and offers WiFi service across seven million access points.


Liberty Global’s businesses are comprised of two stocks: the Liberty Global Group (NASDAQ: LBTYA, LBTYB and LBTYK) for its European operations, and the LiLAC Group (NASDAQ: LILA and LILAK, OTC Link: LILAB), which consists of its operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The Liberty Global Group operates in 12 European countries under the consumer brands Virgin Media, Ziggo, Unitymedia, Telenet and UPC. The LiLAC Group operates in over 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean under the consumer brands VTR, Flow, Liberty, Mas Movil and BTC. In addition, the LiLAC Group operates a subsea fiber network throughout the region in over 30 markets.


For more information, please visit www.libertyglobal.com.


C&W Communications

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