Courts Reading Update

on 09/18/2014 - 07:55 pm

The preliminary rounds of the 6th Annual Courts OECS Reading Competition continued today, 17th September at the Resource Centre, Carriacou and featured the students of District 1.


 The day’s participants were as follows:


  • Mikayla Mc. Neil                      Hillsborough Government  
  • Adjadee Bethel                          Harvey Vale Government
  • Equeisha Mc. Quilkin               Dover Government
  • Ashlee Horsford                       Mt. Pleasant Government

·       De Andre Bristol                        L’Esterre  Rosary


At the end of the day’s proceeding the students topping the first round were as follows;

  • Equeisha Mc. Quilkin            Dover Government   – 252 points
  • Mikayla Mc. Neil                    Hillsborough Government–  228 points
  • Adjadee Bethel                        Harvey Vale Government –– 215 points



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