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      • Enabling opportunities for investments which will help to develop Grenada's and the region's natural resources -- that which is human, as well as the various productive sectors.
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Spiceland Investments
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Gerry Hopkin JD
Managing Director


Mission: to identify, list and effectively get actionable info to potential investors, in order to create sustainable economic wellbeing for the ordinary folks who perform extraordinary tasks each day.
Spiceland Investments | SI

“Making things happen."

"Turning ideas into realities."

"Sourcing, packaging and enabling opportunities for sustainable development."

Introducing SI, Spiceland Investments, an enabling platform of creatively sourced investment opportunities in Grenada, The Spice of the Caribbean.

We will be sourcing as we identify and list; packaging as we discuss and showcase; and presenting as we effectively target prospective and potential investors in the Diaspora, other international markets and at home.

You may appreciate the information presented as a bona fide serving of self-enrichment opportunities, aimed at contributing to the sustainable development in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

SI's services will be available to the public via this platform (our Facebook page), a physical office, a website, and eventually a high quality HD quarterly magazine, which will especially target the untapped marketplaces of the Diaspora.

Got some money to invest but not sure of where or in what to wisely invest it?

Looking for a concept or a viable investment opportunity, with assured returns in a business-friendly free market environment, wherein Government services have been fine-tuned to ensure easiness in doing business?

Do you have a great idea, but is unsure of where to start and where to get the funds needed?

Or are you simply looking for some residential or commercial space or property to lease or buy, or to build your dream home or business on?

Then look no more; your search has just ended.

The solutions will be documented in within the medium before you, which endeavors to do all of the above and more.

Our primary goal is to find and present to you the finest available business investment packages and proposals for the visionary, avid, success-driven investor.

Secondly, we will compliment this with our researched and quality-filtered provision of a directory of the most respected accountants, lawyers, IT specialists and security companies on the island. (Coming soon.)

Thirdly, we will source and present to you the best market analysis and business investment advice/tips available on planet earth.

As you the reader know, investment, especially in the productive sectors of a developing country like Grenada, translates into sustainable jobs, exports, better balance of trade, and improved quality of life for all.

The positive spin-offs, the linkages of growth which come as a result of new investments, are innumerable.

Invest in Grenada today and benefit yourself, your children and Grenada’s economy, tomorrow.

Your anticipated support of Spiceland Investments' initiative to make a positive difference in Grenada's economic landscape, would be greatly appreciated.

Together we can and we must!

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