About the Covid-19 Relief Discount The 30% reduction is on the electricity charges (fuel and non-fuel) for three billing periods beginning April 2020 —bills issued in May, June, and July.

Fuel charge is at its lowest in two years, so customers are paying a lower rate than in February 2018. In addition, the Government of Grenada and Grenlec are providing a COVID-19 relief discount to customers.  
 Understanding Your Bill for May, June, and July Grenlec Sample Bill Below shows where you can find the discounts provided by the government of Grenada and Grenlec on your bill, and the total amount due for the month.  
 fuel and non-fuel amounts  Fuel + Non-Fuel Amounts This discount is 30% of most customers’ electricity charges (fuel + non-fuel amounts) on bills issued in the previous month.       
 billing period  Billing Period This discount is for 3 billing periods — April, May and June, but will be shown on bills issued in May, June and July.       
 amount due  Total Amount Due Customers should pay the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE on the bills — the discount is applied before the bill is printed.       
 pre-payment  Adjustments & COVGOVT Discount The discount is clearly displayed as a pre-payment (credit) on bills issued in May, June and July. Grenlec’s discount will be shown as ADJUSTMENTS, while Government’s will be indicated as COVGOVT DISC.