About Us

Go2Fete.com Discount Card started in February 2011 by CEO Gary Louison who has a great passion for delivering professional services to the network members & business partners. 

The idea came from his passion to bring a different form of promotion & savings to members in both the business & entertainment industry. Offering members a Discount Card to get discounts from over 500 business partners & event partners.

Members receive other benefits in the form or Coupons, rewards points, vouchers & much more by simple being a member... Register now to start saving.. Click here 

We presently operate in Grenada and we have Partners in other Caribbean & international countries. It is the first Discount Card that will be focused on both events and businesses, offering a wide variety of platforms for the marketing of your organisation and exposing your brand to our increasingly growing network. 

Helping Others Through Great Savings


Web: www.go2fete.com

Email: Support@go2fete.com

Tele: 1(473) 407-1175