Press Release - Best of Grenada Ltd., operators of the Rhum Runner

on 07/08/2019 - 04:49 pm

8" July 2019.

Press Release

Best of Grenada Ltd., operators of the Rhum Runner, Runner Two and High Time has become aware of an incident that occurred aboard one of our LS | vessels on Sunday 7" July 2019.

P.O, BOX 188, St. GEORGES, This vessel was on charter to a private promoter in the run up to the annual

GRENADA, W.I. .  Carnival Celebrations. TEL: (473) 440-4386/8773 FAX: (473) 4404179 EMAIL:

A video circulating on social media has been made available to Best of Grenada Ltd., who wishes to disassociate itself, its management, staff and crew from the incidents recorded in said video.

Our Company finds this offensive and disturbing both morally, and socially, and deeply damaging to the reputation of the Company.

VAT REG. NO: 0048104

All Charterers are provided with a list of Cruise Rules which are attached. Of specific relevance are rules 3, 5 and 9, which address this abhorrent behavior and are grounds for termination of charter arrangements.

That this incident was not drawn to the attention of crew, who were engaged on the main deck, and became aware, after the fact, via social media is a matter under review.

The Public is assured that this behavior in no way represents the standards or morals of Best of Grenada Ltd., its owners, management, staff and crew. Currently this matter is under review by the relevant Authorities, and Best of Grenada would appreciate the cooperation of anyone who is able to assist in identifying the individuals involved.

Following this despicable incident the operations of Best Of Grenada Ltd., are under review at this time. Updates will be issued if and when considered necessary.

Best of Grenada Ltd.

Andrew Bierzynski Managing Director.





Guests must follow/obey all instructions from the Captain or designated crew. This will supersede instructions from organizers and/or DJ’s

There must be no unauthorised boarding of company vessels- moored or at sea

Guests must not engage in any obscene, indecent, abusive or any other behaviour deemed inappropriate or offensive to public morals, or deemed to have a negative or potentially negative impact on functions being held, or to be held aboard Best of Grenada Ltd. vessels.

Guests must not cross cable/rope/chain safety barriers on vessels, or engage in any behaviour that could cause damage to such barriers, to the vessel, or create unsafe conditions for the continuation of cruises

The use of illegal drugs is forbidden and will result in immediate cruise termination Alcohol must not be served to minors aboard the company vessels. Valid ID from guests may be requested by Best of Grenada staff, security or organizers at any time during the cruise

Guests must not lie down or sit on decks, stand on benches or swing from beams during cruises

Sanitary disposal protocol posted in toilets must be observed. Blocked toilets will result in cruise termination

The volume level of music being played aboard company vessels must be kept low enough

so as not to cause public nuisance in the inner habour or in the hospital environs


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