Body Image Health Club Pre- Carnival Special!!

Get started today with NO REGISTRATION FEES!
MOVING, PUMPING & SHAKING until September 1st!
All premium classes $250.00!
Cardio & Weight Training $275.00.
Total Gym Platinum Package $300.00
Offer Ends June 15th 2013
So the sooner you start the better!!
Call 444-3254  More info Offer ends JUNE 15th.
Body Image
Excel Plaza
Grand Anse
444-3254 Real Deal Segment #52 on Daybreak Grenada this Thursday May 16th 2013

Movie Palace (473) 444-6688 EC$3.00 off every Tuesday's & Thursday's for Go2fete Card Holders – Win two free movie pass
Freedom Street Night Club - Crochu St.Andrew's - 1(473) 414-4099/442-7553 - 30% of Gate for Go2fete Card Holders
Las Chicas newly openedy at Bruce St.Mall special rates for Go2fete card holders It's all about ladies fashion. For more info. Call 232-3200 or 403-6500
90s party Sunday May 19th - Go2fete Members $30 w/Go2fete/card – Win 1 Free entry & a bottle of 12 degrees
BOSS Turns 3 - June 1st National Stadium
Go2Fete Promotions Presents – The 2nd annual Go-2-Fete @ The Aquarium Re ...

New Arrivals at "Accessorized Spice Land Mall and Brands Esplanade Mall

New Stock Arrivals 
Original Brands at great prices

Cambridge, Converse and Aeropostale Sport Jackets
Latest Aeropostale, Polo Plain Coloured T-shirts
Football T-Shirt : Messi and Ronaldo,FCB, etc 
Polo 3/4 pants, Various Colours and sizes also comes with belt.
Aeropostale Swim Shorts  
The latest Rock Republic  trendy 3/4 pants
Polo Jeans (SPECIAL $50)
Converse Sneakers (SPECIAL $25)
Rock Republic Cargo Shorts (all colours)
Basketball Vest Heat, Dallas, New York

 Women's Beach  Shorts 

Roxy Beach shorts various (SPECIAL $39)

         And many many more.
Cont ...

Mothers Day Special from Justins

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