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Creative Yard Sale Saturday @ dusty highway 9am.

Creative do it best massive yard sale Over 20,000 TILES starting @ $2

Crazy low prices on furniture and other household items
Don’t’ miss this 1
Saturday @ dusty highway 9am.

Massive yard sale June 1st @ creative do it best dusty highway @ 9am Tiles from $1 Curtains from $10

Massive yard sale June 1st @ creative do it best dusty highway @ 9am Tiles from $1 Curtains from $10 Furniture Paints Tools @ low prices Don’t miss it!

Go2Fete.com Real Deal Segment #62 on Daybreak Grenada this Thursday July 25th 2013

MEGADAY SALE Friday July 26th @ Esplanade Mall 20% off (1 Day only) - Colombian Emeralds
Jean & Co (The Levi's Store) Pre - Carnival Sale Fri.26th July - 31st - Stay calm & SAVE BIG! 435-9000
I am in process of re-branding Pieces. *Website www.piecesgrenada.com is now active with all new stock for the summer/carnival
*Much more stock to be added by the week end.
*A large selection of white will be on sale by next Monday
*We will be opening two new stores
*All stock are here in Grenada and can be delivered in one hour.
*Contact number 416-9089
50% off Selected Items @ Orinoco Antilles - New arrivals from Brazil – Gillian 439-900 ...

Go2Fete.com Real Deal Segment #52 on Daybreak Grenada this Thursday May 16th 2013

Movie Palace (473) 444-6688 EC$3.00 off every Tuesday's & Thursday's for Go2fete Card Holders – Win two free movie pass
Freedom Street Night Club - Crochu St.Andrew's - 1(473) 414-4099/442-7553 - 30% of Gate for Go2fete Card Holders
Las Chicas newly openedy at Bruce St.Mall special rates for Go2fete card holders It's all about ladies fashion. For more info. Call 232-3200 or 403-6500
90s party Sunday May 19th - Go2fete Members $30 w/Go2fete/card – Win 1 Free entry & a bottle of 12 degrees
BOSS Turns 3 - June 1st National Stadium
Go2Fete Promotions Presents – The 2nd annual Go-2-Fete @ The Aquarium Re ...

Mothers Day Special from Justins